Teen Travel

Why Teens, And You, Need Summer Camp, Perhaps More Than Ever

Needless to say, because we all remember, being a teen can be awkward enough. Coupled with losing some social opportunities where teens begin to find themselves and gain more of an understanding of the world and how they may fit into it, can be overwhelming. Camp can help with all of this and then some. After all, we all search for a sense of BELONGING, and if we’re fortunate to find it, we try to replicate it in our personal and professional lives. Camp, possibly like no other place, can help provide the opportunity to fit in. Where ideas are heard, exchanged and built upon, feelings are considered and all the while, everything planned is to not only enjoy, but also to foster growth, independence, responsibility, group dynamics, and problem solving.

At SPARK Day Camp:

#1: Teens Improve Interpersonal Skills and Form Close Friendships

#2: Teens Take Safe Risks and Challenge Themselves

#3: Teens Experience Character Growth and Develop Life Skills

#4: Teens Meet Positive Role Models

#5: Teens Discover Their Best Selves

The Program:

Campers entering 7th – 10th grades get to enjoy all the activities and opportunities at SPARK Day Camp including Creative and Performing Arts, Aquatics, Athletics, Field Activities, CSI/Forensics, Olympics, Color War, Talent Shows, Friday Campfires and so much more. They are an integral part of our Big/Little program and on top of all of this, enjoy 2-3 day trips each week. Trips can include Tubing, Broadway shows, Professional Baseball Games, Rope Courses and Climbing Facilities, Amusement Parks, Art Installations and Museums, Jersey Shore Beaches, Escape Rooms and socially conscience opportunities where they’ll be in service to others.

Camp experiences offer teens the chance to step back from the treadmill of academics, competitive sports, and their sleep-deprived, over-scheduled lives, and instead think about what’s important to them and perhaps find what they’re passionate about. Many campers become less self-absorbed after spending a few weeks at camp, learning to train their focus more towards others. They also discover new hobbies and avenues to pursue in education and their future careers.

Our Teen Travel program truly is A Lifetime of Memories In A Summer of Fun. Lifelong friendships and the experience of hitting the road make this such a unique opportunity. Learning to become responsible leaders within camp and their communities will help build the character so desperately needed to succeed personally and professionally. JOIN US!