Voyagers is bringing their progressive STEAM program to SPARK! 

SPARK is thrilled to have Adam Vincent of Vincent Dance teaching hip hop, jazz, ballet and more! Adam teaches dance fundamentals and modern techniques, striving to inspire joy and an appreciation for the arts. Outside of camp hours, group classes and customized private lessons are available to both children and adults. 

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to solve a mystery? Are you intrigued as to how the tiniest piece of information can crack a case? Prime Suspect takes our campers through the science behind crime scene investigations.  Led by a former NYC forensic scientist, campers are introduced to the same techniques CSIs use to figure out who dunnit!

Dayrock gives campers a unique musical opportunity to perform their favorite popular songs using a variety of instruments.

Campers take turns rotating around the bandstand, playing a variety of instruments including electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, percussion and even demonstrate their vocal abilities using professional microphones and professional audio equipment!

We are pleased to partner with Dr. Nancy DeNicola at the Children's Health Center in Middletown as our official Camp Pediatrician!