Staff Resources FAQs

As a camp counselor or specialist, you’ll have the opportunity to teach and experience all the different facets of camp and work in your hired area of expertise: Athletics, Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Outdoor Adventure Activities, STEAM, etc.
Staff gain hands-on experience and countless opportunities to learn best practices in working with children entering PreK through 10th grade. Work alongside experienced camp professionals to assist in developing and delivering summer programming designed to not only continue the educational process in a more creative setting, but also provide valuable life skills in learning how to work with others while cultivating one’s own voice and learning to problem-solve. We are a camp that believes in the benefits of partnering with our campers and not powering over them.

We’re looking for high school seniors, college students, graduates, and teaching professionals who are passionate, confident, creative, and driven with a zany playfulness and boundless support who believe the world would be a better place with more “Camp People” in it.

SPARK offers a variety of positions:

Group counselors supervise the same group of campers each day. They ensure that campers are safe while having fun following their daily schedule.

Counselors actively participate in all areas including swim twice a day.

Specialists are assigned an activity at which they instruct campers each day.

Lifeguards are certified to teach swim instruction and guard the pools.

A typical camp day runs from 9 am to 4 pm. Staff arrives by 8:30 am and leaves after campers depart at 4 pm. The activity schedule runs from 9:30 to 3:30 and includes 2 swim periods, lunch (provided), athletics, arts, and ropes.

We will provide you with staff shirts to be worn each day of the camp. Sneakers and a watch are required. The only time flip flops can be worn is walking to and from the swim. All counselors must wear a bathing suit (one-piece or sport style) while in the pool. Athletic or casual shorts are recommended.

Our campers range in age from entering Pre-K to 10th grade. The age group that you work with will be determined partly based on your experience, preference, as well as available positions and where we determine you would be best suited.

Camp runs from June 27th to August 19th and is closed July 4th. Prior to the start of camp, the staff is required to attend ALL orientation training sessions. Staff must commit to work the entire camp season and attend all pre-camp training. It is expected that any medical appointments required throughout the summer, will be made prior to the camp day beginning or after 4pm.


We are currently hiring for the following positions for summer 2022:

  • Head Counselors
  • Counselors
  • Athletic Specialists
  • Creative Specialists
  • Lifeguards

Responsibilities Include:

  • Organize and engage campers in age-appropriate activities.
  • Create a safe, fun, and nurturing environment and inclusive camp community.
  • Be the positive role model campers come to respect and rely on.
  • Inspire and support the efforts of others.
  • Ensure the camp schedule is adhered to.
  • Teach campers to care for themselves, care for others, care for their environment, and become positive role models themselves. These are our core values.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • The ability to remain calm in all situations.
  • Recognize teachable moments and take advantage of them.
  • Possess an excellent work ethic and ability to self-motivate.
  • Work within the group and teach others how to collaborate.
  • Allow for all voices to be heard.
  • SPARK the interests of our campers in your field(s) of expertise.

This is a summer program. All staff members are expected to be available each day for our eight weeks of camp, June 27 – August 19, and all of pre-camp orientation.

Application Process:
All candidates should email a cover letter and resume. The cover letter should include the position for which you are applying, the activities you are able to lead and/or are interested to assist. Please confirm availability to be at camp during the specified dates and why you would be an excellent fit for the desired position.

Application Dates:
Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

SPARK Day Camp is for campers entering PreK through 10th grade.